"women didn’t get the right to vote till 1920"




"what do you mea—?"



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Fat people have the right to exist in fat bodies regardless of how we got fat, what being fat means, or if we could be thin through some means – however easy or difficult. There are no other valid opinions on this – we have the right to exist without shaming, bullying or stigmatization, period.

Ragen Chastain

Study Shows You Can’t Hate Fatties for Our Own Good

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In this country “American” means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.
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Because we don’t speak about sex, there is no socially acceptable language surrounding it. So the language of porn has jumped in to fill that space, and that’s an issue, because in a male-dominated industry the language of porn is all too often male-generated. The person who coined the term “finger blasting” didn’t have a vagina. The person who coined the term, “getting your ass railed” never got their ass railed. Pounding, hammering, banging… And language matters, because when the only language you have available is abusive and one-directional, in terms of having things done to you, it creates a very weird view of how sex works.

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"beat the pussy up"

"tear that ass up"

"smashed that shit"

Porn has created a fucked up mindset and you cannot tell me it hasn’t

It’s not okay when you see nothing but



There is no intimacy. There is no sensitivity

Just the vagina as a masturbation toy for the penis to use.

Not two or more human beings coming together and actually ENJOYING themselves.

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not to mention that porn has started using terms as “abuse” and “rape”, as substitutes as well.

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